finding out new things about friends every day. Like how Micah is actually a tru OG of Rap Genius. Like an actual editor as dubbed by a creator of the page, and he used to contributed fairly heavily to the annotations for a few years.

He showed me how he stops by the site to say ‘what up’ and the other older editors are all “ayyyyy long time no see” in the chat, and then they all smack down the newer editors for being confused. was pretty funny.

let’s talk about how there is a whole x-files episode (S4E23) about how Mulder trips out on ketamine.

but aside from that, I’m marathoning x-files and now spend too much time trying to find MulderxScully shipped fanfiction.




we should talk more about how ‘macaroni’ in 18th century england was used to mean ‘fashionable’ because a bunch of rich young dudes went to italy and really liked the stuff there

language is weird

humans are weird

it finally makes sense


noooooooooo Death Grips


Oh sweet baby Jesus take mercy on un poor Seattle folk. It’s so hot. So so so hot. Cycling to work at 3:00 pm? I might as well go buy some aloe and laundry detergent because my life is sunburns and sweat now.

one of my roommates is starting his own legal marijuana delivery business.

It’s called Canary and we got 10x more thug in this palace because of Megh.

No joke. Here’s the USA Today article on them. 

and their app website